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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Team

Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles

It takes a team of very special Cat Sitters to make Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles successful, and to give your kitty the TLC she needs and deserves!

Meet a Few of the Key Members of Your
Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Team

Melanie - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Beverly Hills Cat Sitting Manager
Lead Sitter, Melanie

Pam Just For Cats Pet Sitting Park LaBrea Cat Sitter
Lead Sitter, Pam

Jemma Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Miracle Mile Cat Sitting
Lead Sitter, Jemma

Adam Just For Cats Pet Sitting West Hollywood Cat Sitter

Linda Just For Cats Pet Sitting Glendale Cat Sitter

Mara Just For Cats Pet Sitting Culver City Cat Sitter

Jennifer Just For Cats Pet Sitting Van Nuys Cat Sitter

Dehbra Just For Cats Pet Sitting Westchester Cat Sitting

Cyanne Just For Cats Pet Sitting Toluca Lake Cat Sitting

Miwa Just For Cats Pet Sitting Beverly Hills Cat Sitting

Gayle Just For Cats Pet Sitting San Fernando Valley Cat Sitting

Margaux Just For Cats Pet Sitting Brentwood Cat Sitting

Victoria Just For Cats Pet Sitting Burbank Cat Sitting

Judit Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Cat Sitting

Michelle Just For Cats Pet Sitting San Fernando Valley Cat Sitting

Steve Just For Cats Pet Sitting Eagle Rock Cat Sitting

Miles Just For Cats Pet Sitting Reseda Cat Sitting

Karissa Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Feliz Cat Sitting

Rachel Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los West Hollywood Sitting

Megan Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los West Hollywood Sitting

Matt Just For Cats Los Angeles Pet Sitting Cat Sitting


Jennifer - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Cat Sitting Services
Reservations and
Client Services – East

Connie - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Client Services
Reservations and
Client Services – West

Lorraine - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles Cat Sitting
Membership Services
New Cattitude Club

Elijah - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Client Services
Membership Services
Content Writer

Brian - Just For Cats Pet Sitting San Fernando Valley Cat Sitting
Human Resources and
Operations Director

Cat Sitting Client Services Linda
Client Services and
Executive Director

Rita - Just For Cats Pet Sitting San Gabriel Valley Cat Sitting CEO
Owner and Founding President

Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Manager and Lead Cat Care Specialist

Beverly Hills Cat Sitter MelanieMelanie is our Lead Cat Care Specialist and General Manager. In addition to providing our kitty clients with loving care, Melanie also assists with the hiring and training our sitters as well as taking care of things in the Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles office when Rita is in North Carolina.

Melanie is a true cat lover, often caring for and feeding the feral cats in her neighborhood. Pearl the kitty and Amy the dog are the current loves of Melanie’s life, and they happily share her with your kitties. In addition to working for us at Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting, Melanie also runs an antique jewelry business. Melanie recently added a new kitty, Vincent Van Kitty, to her family. A stray orange tabby with severe ear mites, Vincent was named after Van Gogh, due to his “missing” ear. After many months and much patience as Melanie tended to his wounded ear, she was finally able to coax Vincent to come inside out of the rain during those bad December storms. Vincent has been completely accepted into the household by kitty Pearl and doggie Amy, and can often be seen snoozing by the front window.

Update: Amy was a very old doggie, and after having a wonderful life with Melanie, Amy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. Knowing there are so many animals in need of homes, Melanie went to a local shelter and chose to bring home a dog who otherwise may not have had a chance at life. New doggie Theodore is learning how to be a well-behaved boy and is thriving in his new home with Melanie, Pearl, Vincent, and brand-new kitty addition, Alister.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Lead Cat Care Specialist

LA Park LaBrea Cat Sitter PamPam is originally for Scotland, and after making a few vacation trips to Los Angeles, she fell in love with the city. She made the decision to move to LA in the 80’s, and became an America Citizen a few years ago.

Pam loves all animals, but cats hold a special place in her heart. She is the proud parent of two rescue cats: Lulu, a low-keyed tortie aged 12, and Marley, a very energetic tabby aged 4. Pam has taken care of many pets over the years, including a child’s pet rat.

Pam is very excited to be part of the Cats 90210 team, and is looking forward to giving clients peace of mind when they travel and leave their kitties behind. When not caring for cats, Pam is the proud owner of a non-toxic/no animal testing health & wellness business.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Lead Cat Care Specialist

Los Angeles Miracle Mile Cat Sitter JemmaJemma is originally from Toronto, Ontario and has been an animal lover her entire life, rescuing any stray cat, dog, or bird that crosses her path. She shares her home with her husband, two kids, two cats, one dog, and one bunny. Her cats, Seymour and Charlie, are learning to accept that their canine sibling, Izzy, is here to stay. They will swat her nose every now and then, just to remind her that it was their home first. Seymour kitty can often been found in Jemma’s shoulders or in my arms as she is doing things around the house. If there was room, Jemma would happily bring home another cat (or two, or three!).

In her previous career, Jemma worked as a vet tech in several clinics and shelters before becoming a jewelry designer. Many of her designs are inspired by the animals she adores. You can see her creations at Jemma Jewelry.

Jemma enjoys providing her loving care to our kitty clients whenever their human parents need to be away from home.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Cat Care Specialist

West Hollywood Cat Sitter AdamAdam is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and has been caring for animals his entire life. Adam, his wife Christina and their kitty-man, “Villain” moved cross country to Los Angeles together in 2010. They have since added “Tig” the dog, a 3-year old rescue, to their family.

Villain is Adam’s best friend, and when he’s not napping, Villain enjoys helping his dad with Graphic Design work. Adam also composes music for original musicals, rock ballets, and independent feature films.

Graciously, Villain has agreed to share his dad with Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angele, and all of their kitty clients.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Glendale Cat Sitter LindaLinda grew up in Glendale, CA, and moved to Central Oregon in 1990. There she worked as a Dental Receptionist for 21 years, while also volunteering with her local Humane Society. Linda helped to care for all the cats, ensuring they were happy and healthy. She was also part of a fostering program, caring for mommas with their babies. Linda’s husband always says he wants to come back as one of Linda’s cats, because he knows he would be loved and spoiled.

Linda is currently owned by two kitties: Kola, a happy healthy 17 year old, and JoJo, who is the gentle 6 year old orange tabby boy pictured above with Linda.

Excited to be a part of Just For Cats Pet Sitting and Cats 90210, Linda enjoys sharing her special love for cats with all of our wonderful client kitties.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Culver City Cat Sitter MaraOriginally from New Jersey, Mara is a life-long animal lover. Over the years, she’s had a variety of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, lizards, fish, rats, mice, and a ferret. She volunteered at an animal shelter for almost 10 years, and currently lives with her husband and son. The heads of the household are Oscar and Abby, a pair of sibling cats whom Mara and her husband adopted from the pound several years ago. They went looking for one and came home with two!

Mara is also a writer of children’s books, and occasionally gets extra input from a stray paw or two on the keyboard.

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Cat Care Specialist

Van Nuys Cat Sitter JenniferJennifer was raised in Southern California and is a lifelong animal lover. Her household was always filled with pets and she knows first hand the joy, laughter and companionship that pets bring to a home. She currently has two cats, the “big-boned” Benito who weighs in at 22 lbs. and the petite girl Sophie who became a member of the family after she was abandoned and took up residence in the backyard.

Jennifer has experience with cats of all ages and is sensitive to their individual needs. Jennifer is proud to be a part of the Cats 90210 team.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

West Los Angeles Cat Sitter DehbraDehbra has lived in Southern California all of her life.  She was raised on a ranch where they had Arabian Horses, cows, chickens, geese, sheep and, of course, dogs and cats.  

Animals have always been a joy to Dehbra. Straight out of high school, she would house sit for a wide variety of animals, everything from horses (large and mini), exotic birds and fish, monkeys, dogs, and cats.  Along with taking care of animals, Dehbra worked in the nursing field for 15 years.  

Dehbra lives with her husband and 2 grown children, a 3-year-old St. Bernard, and a 1-year-old German Shepard mix puppy, 3 box turtles, 1 water turtle and several fish. Rounding out her pet family, she also has two rescue cats, a 17-year-old cat named Buckwheat, and a 12-year-old cat named Sidney.

Let Dehbra ease your mind when you need to travel without your cats. She will take wonderful care of them, so you can relax knowing that they are in loving hands back at home.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Toluca Lake Cat Sitter CyanneBorn in Hollywood (yes, she’s the one), Cyanne can’t remember a time when her house wasn’t blessed with the love of animals. But of all of them, her heart belongs to the felines.

Cyanne and her husband are owned by two 2 and a half year old rescue kitties – a Maine Coon by the name of Captain Mal, who “aims to misbehave” and the conveniently coy ninja cat, Zoe. These committed Serenity/Firefly fans have been the happiest they’ve ever been from the moment these crazy kittens chose them to be theirs.

Malcolm has even become Cyanne’s personal assistant of sorts. When he is not napping or chasing Zoe, he loves helping his mommy with a paw or two on the keyboard – writing one of her screenplays or doing updates to her one woman show. Changing the TV channel to some George Carlin, he even taught her that “Meow” means “Woof “ in cat.
When she is not writing with Captain Mal, Cyanne is both an actress & a philanthropist – helping victims of abuse and also building her ShakespeareTowne; a magical place where people can meet & fall in love with the bard, his characters, his plays & HIS world.

Cyanne is extremely honored and excited to be a part of the Just For Cats Pet Sitting family! She can’t wait to meet your purrrr-fect felines, and is looking forward to loving and pampering all of our wonderful client kitties whenever their humans are away.  

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Beverly Hills Cat Sitter MiwaMiwa is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She came to Los Angeles to study Art and English. She became a graphic designer, and then motion designer. She also lived in England for 9 years. Wherever she was, Miwa always had dogs, cats, or birds.
Miwa’s cat crossed the rainbow bridge last year at the ripe old age of 19.

Since losing her kitty, Miwa has been pouring her all love and attention into fostering kittens and cats. She has rescued over 60 kitties this past year. Most of them came to her dirty and sick, many of them scared of humans. Miwa cleans them, gives them medications, lots of playtime and tons of love, until they become healthy and ready to be adopted to a loving *furever* family.

Recently, Miwa fostered a challenging 7-year-old cat with behavioral problem. He was hissing and swatting at everyone. With Miwa’s patience, care and love, he turned into a sweet, cuddly, playful kitty that loves snuggling in bed with her. Since then, everyone calls Miwa a cat whisperer
Miwa say “I will care for your precious baby (babies) with plenty of playtime, attention and lots of love, as if they are one of my very own, so you will have peace of mind while you are away.” 

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

San Fernando Valley Cat Sitter GayleGayle was born in Colorado, but she has spent most of her life in Southern California.  She is a true cat lover.  Along with Harold, who is part Devon Rex, she has a Manx named Willow, a Tabby named Tucker, and Reese a 55 lb. boxer mix. With the many windows in her home, her cats can be seen following the sun most of the day.  It is a regular sight in the evening after dinner and after play, to see Gayle, in her recliner, with all four pets on her lap, usually with Harold stacked on top of the dog.

Gayle has had at least one and as many as four cats all of her adult life, including 3 bearded dragons and 9 beta fish.  The cats thought these well-protected roommates, were even better than live TV, watching them, transfixed for hours.  Her first kitten was found in a used car parking lot.  She was only two to three weeks old and had not yet been weaned.  With help and direction from her vet, Lulu grew to be 16 lbs. and 19 years old.  Gayle taught one of her cats to catch and retrieve and taught one to walk on a leash outside.  All of Gayle’s pets are rescues. Gayle believes in the saying, “Who rescued who?” She cannot imagine a life without cats. 

When Gayle is not taking care of cats for Just for Cats Pet Sitting, she works as a Geriatric Social Worker in the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica areas. 

Gayle is looking forward to taking care of your cats, giving them love and care while you are away.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Brentwood Cat Sitter MargauxMargaux is our European imported cat lover. Raised in the French countryside, she fell in love with cats at three years old when a lady put a calico kitten in her stroller. Since then, she always lived in a home filed with both domesticated and feral cats, all of whom taught her how to behave to earn their trust. 

In 2015, when her husband had the opportunity to work at UCLA, Margaux left her job as a licensed optician and followed him for this great adventure with their tuxedo cat, Pioupiou.

Margaux is thrilled to be part of Just For Cats Pet Sitting.  As she may speak to your cat in French while providing all the love and attention he or she needs, when you come home, your kitty might just greet you with a “Miaou” instead of a “Meow.”

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Burbank Cat Sitter VictoriaVictoria is originally from East Tennessee. She made the cross-country road trip to LA with her family and little furry soul mate, Baghera. Baghera eventually passed on at the ripe old age of 16, prompting Victoria to adopt 2 fosters, a bonded pair, Lexi and Indigo.

Victoria frequently cat sit for various neighbors and friends in her hometown, and continued this in Los Angeles. She has worked with pet health food brands Blue Buffalo and Wellness and really cares about quality of life for our pets.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Los Angeles Cat Sitter JuditJudit was born in Budapest, Hungary. She has traveled a lot in her early life, also living in Croatia and Serbia before moving to Los Angeles in the early 90’s. Judit is fluent in Hungarian and English. She is conversational in German, Russian, and Serbian languages.

Judit has worked in the banking industry for many years and later became a licensed Respiratory Therapist in Kaiser Permanente, also worked as a caregiver with Visiting Angels.  She lives with her husband and now senior boxer, Jake, in West Los Angeles.

A passionate animal lover, Judit has shared her entire life with rescue cats and dogs. Since losing her last kitty, Charlie, in August 2016, she has been actively involved in volunteering with a local rescue at the Culver City PetSmart. With her help, countless kitties found their forever homes. She loves the underdogs, handicapped, abused and overlooked animals. Her goal is that no qualified adopters would leave the adoption center without a kitty or even two, if the circumstances are right.

Judit is looking forward and will be more than happy to serve you and your fur babies with great love and care.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

San Fernando Valley Cat Sitter MichelleA California native, Michelle has never lived without cats. Throughout her life, she’s lived with nine different cats, but currently lives with her husband and their five cats: Gizmo, Atticus, Log (pictured), Catherine, and Nadine.

Michelle has also fostered kittens, and has orchestrated trap neuter release (TNR) in her neighborhood. Being very patient with “problem” cats, several friends of Michelle’s have shy cats that will only come out for her. 

When she’s not cat sitting, Michelle does freelance e-Commerce work, plays the accordion, and plans road trips.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Eagle Rock Cat Sitter SteveSteve grew up on a small farm, where he learned to love and care for all types of animals. Steve and his partner Roxanne recently moved to Los Angeles with Mesmer, the cat, and Gertrude, the standard poodle.

Steve and Mesmer share a strong bond. Mesmer is never too far from his side only taking the occasional break to practice aerial stunts and perform sneak attacks on Gertrude.

When Steve’s not being distracted by Mesmer, he writes novels and screenplays.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Reseda Cat Sitter MilesMiles was born and raised in Goleta, California before he moved to the San Fernando Valley to study jazz at Cal State University, Northridge. He has lived with cats his whole life and has spent many hours hanging out, taking care of, and playing guitar to his favorite ex-diabetic pet in the world, his cat Gracie.  

Now with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies and more than a hundred miles separating him and Gracie, he spends a lot of time with his girlfriend Madelyne’s talkative cat, Jiji (pictured).

Miles is excited to take loving care of your favorite animals and make sure they are happy cats. 

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Los Feliz Cat Sitter KarissaKarissa is originally from Shelton, Connecticut and has always been caring for animals. Her best companion was Whizkers, whom she cared for growing up and who was always by her side. Karissa moved to California in 2010 to study at CalArts and helped her roommate foster cats and dogs. 

After graduating in 2014, Karissa moved to Los Angeles and took in a stray cat named “Wiki” who she loves to make feel very special. She recently moved across town to Los Feliz, because her landlord was not okay with having cats and she didn’t want to make Wiki go back to the shelter; he finally felt safe and at peace. They are ha and enjoying the new area. 

Karissa looks forward to meeting many new kitties as a Cat Care Specialist for JFC. She happy to provide loving care to all kitty clients when their parents need to be away from home.  

When she isn’t snuggling up with one of her client cats, Karissa also works as a freelance film editor and videographer.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

West Hollywood Cat Sitter RachelRachel has had cats in her life since she was 17 – and almost got kicked out of college for adopting a tiny feral orange tabby. But she insisted on getting “pet permission” from the Dean – and hasn’t had to ask anyone since.

In addition to the original Fritz, Rachel then adopted Morgan (a diabetic cat); Mookie the Maine Coon came next, then Nickel and Zinnia is Rachel’s first Tortie and is her constant companion these days. Zinny is loving LA and basking in the sunlight that floods their new home.

Rachel is an LA transplant from the Boston area – for the second time – so the city is not completely new to her. She has a 27-year-old daughter, Nina, who lives four blocks from Rachel’s new home – and who works part-time at Crumbs & Whiskers, the LA cat cafe (she also works in the music business). It is definitely a little family of cat-lovers.

In one of her previous lives, Rachel was a freelance food writer for The Boston Globe and many magazines. She loved the lifestyle and the fabulous food she had – and it also provided her with the flexibility to be a hands-on single mother.

Just For Cats and their petsitting services are perfect for Rachel – and she thinks she will be perfect for her new clients and their furry families.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

West Hollywood Cat Sitter MeganBefore settling in Los Angeles, Megan was born and raised in Connecticut. It was during her up bringing where she developed a love for all things feline.

Today she lives with her husband Tim and two cats; Dr. David Bowie, an eight year old Siamese, and Babyeyes, a one year old gray tabby. Along with her two cats, Megan also welcomes in foster kittens from a local cat shelter. She is consistently amazed to witness the personalities develop in the kittens she fosters.

When not hanging out with cats, Megan enjoys traveling, writing, collecting degrees, weight-lifting, and eating.

Megan is excited to be a part of the Just for Cats family, and looks forward to building relationships with you and your precious loved ones.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting Los Angeles
Cat Care Specialist

Los Angeles Cat Sitter MattMatt is originally from New Orleans. He has only lived in Los Angeles since 2015 but wherever Matt lives, there will always be a kitty in his home!

Matt has two furry feline babies currently, Kermit, aged 8 and Brooke, aged 18. Both of his kitties are featured in Emily Anthes’ book, “Frankenstein’s Cat”. They also share their home with Pierre, a Sun Conure, aged 10. In their home, the kitties and bird get along!

Matt has played the piano for 30 years. When he’s not playing the piano or caring for a fabulous feline, you can find him catching a flight at LAX, as he is a part time flight attendant.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Client and Reservations Services

LA cat sitting NikkiNikki’s love of kitties became obvious at a very young age. When she was 2 years old, she fell in love with a stray cat and named him Boo Boo because of a wound on his rear. She would hold her finger out and the cat would follow her around. Her parents ended up taking the cat in because of Nikki’s instant love for him. They soon found that Nikki was a magnet for any neighborhood stray and she could get them to come out of hiding when no one when else could.

When she grew up and moved out of the house she had only one requirement of her first apartment; that it was cat friendly. Her first stop after leaving the first month’s rent was to the animal shelter where she made her very first rescue, Tiger, who she still has, 10 years later, along with another kitty she rescued a few years later from another kitty rescue.

Nikki is very excited to be working for Just For Cats, helping to connect other kitty parents with the purrfect kitty care specialists so they can enjoy their time away, knowing we will care for their fur babies and love them while they are away.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Client and Reservations Services

LA cat sitting ConnieConnie is originally from Syracuse, New York but has been living in Los Angeles, California since 1993. Always believing she was a “dog person”, she adopted her first kitty, Sneakers (the black kitty with her in the picture) when she was just 4 weeks old and a pretty sick kitty. Sneakers totally stole her heart, so of course and she added Bandit to the family a few weeks later!

Bandit lived to be 16 years old and not long ago Connie lost her beloved Sneakers at age 18. Connie and her fiancee’ Paul have decided to let their broken hearts heal for a while before letting another kitty in but we are betting it won’t be long before there are meows and purrs in their home again!

While they wait, Connie will be busy answering phones and emails, as she works as part of our reservations staff as Just For Cats. Connie knows the concerns kitty parents have when they have to go out of town and get care for their fur babies. She is excited to be a part of the process, to match kitty moms and dads up with the PURRfect kitty care specialist, so they can enjoy their time away from home without worry!

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Membership Services and Content Writer

Elijah - Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Client Services You’re probably wondering why Elijah is the only member of our team who does not have a kitty sitting on his shoulder. Elijah’s first cat was SPUTNIK, the family cat when he was a youngster growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He says don’t ask him how Sputnik ended up with the same name as a Russian satellite but that was her name!

Elijah is the newest member of our team and even though he doesn’t own a cat now, he’s been a friend of cats for years.  He asks that you don’t judge him for being more of a dog guy, he’s owned two chocolate Labrador Retrievers in his life, KoKo and Hershey. Sadly, Hershey, his second chocolate Lab had to be put down, after 12 happy years as Elijah’s best friend, just a week before Christmas in 2015.  

Elijah’s very excited to be joining our team, and admits that before this experience is all over, we may very well end up turning him into a cat guy. In fact, he has several friends who loves cats as much he loved Koko & Hershey.  He promises to introduce us to Oliver, the friendly feline who belongs to one of his best friends in Hattiesburg. Elijah admits it’s more like his friend belongs to Oliver.  (We know what he means, right?)  Elijah has friends who own both cats and dogs.  He admits to always making friends with the dogs first; he sees cats as a challenge. They probably know he’s been more of a dog person most of his life but Elijah, animal-lover that he is, usually ends up having those kitties rubbing their sides along his legs soon enough.  (Hey, Elijah…cats are smart!  They want to make sure you’re one of the good guys!)

By the way, Elijah has an interesting history all his own. He won’t tell you know old he is (just yet anyway) but in his young adult life, Elijah once weighed 484 pounds. People are always amazed at how much weight he’s lost but Elijah likes to stop them before they start talking about how MUCH weight he’s lost.  According to Elijah, that’s not the story. He insists, the real story is not that he lost nearly 300 pounds BUT…that he lost that much weight and has KEPT IT OFF for over 35 years.  You’ll get to meet him soon in our chats…about CATS.  We’re sure to end up having some interesting conversations about our four-legged family members, the ones that PURR and maybe even the ones that BARK, too!  Some of you may be happy enough to have both as members of your own family.   

Interestingly, Elijah, Rita, Linda, Connie, and Lorraine have all known each other for many years. We’re thrilled this family of friends has come together to make our experience here at Just For Cats and The New Cattitude Club on an exciting one!

Sounds like, well…the PURR-fect combination!  

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Membership Services – The New Cattitude Club

Lorraine- Just For Cats Pet Sitting Charlotte Client Services Lorraine has always loved cats. Growing up, she had three cats, Tinkerbell, Puma and Puma2.  She missed Puma1 so much when she was gone, that Lorraine gave Puma1’s name to a new rescue.  With a lot of love and care, Puma2 lived for 18 years. 
In 1992, a very special person in Lorraine’s life surprised her with a very sweet tabby.  Lorraine named her Mindy.  Mindy lived for about 15 years.  Lorraine was very lonely without Mindy, so she went to Cat Rescue and adopted Molly, the sweet, loving cat she still has today. Lorraine cannot imagine a life without the love of a cat.

Lorraine was given the opportunity to work for The New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, training totally blind adults on how to operate the computer using Jaws software. She also trained the visually impaired using Zoomtext. The purpose of this training was to get the blind and visually impaired to learn the internet, so they could function better, obtain employment, and gain independence.

Later, Lorraine worked for Advance Internet as a supervisor, training others on how to moderate forums and blogs. She concurrently worked for Access Point Solutions, the company who ran the server for Advance Internet, maintaining the server and making sure it was up and running. Ten years later, Advance Internet hired ICUC to moderate their forums and blogs, and Lorraine was brought aboard to continue supervising.  She worked for ICUC for eight years, scheduling moderators and training them on how to moderate forums and blogs for Advance Internet and the Washington Post.  She continued her work for Access Point Solutions, as ICUC continued to use their server. 

Lorraine is excited to be working on in Membership Services with Linda Hall, on the soon to be unveiled “New Cattitude Club”. She will also be working for Just For Cats Pet Sitting, handling Client Services calls. Lorraine looks forward to taking care of your needs.

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Human Resources and Operations Director

Just For Cats Pet Sitting COO Brian HallBrian grew up in the country, working on neighboring farms with cows and sheep. He had rabbits and raised a pig for 4H club. They had dogs in the house as he was growing up, and when he moved out, he adopted a ferret and an iguana. Although they had a few barn cats on the farm, they never had kitties in the house.

Years later, he had children who were begging for a kitty. When one of his daughters volunteered at FFRC, a kitty rescue, it wasn’t long before she wore him down and Subra came home. Subra needed a friend and was joined by Baaka and then Latte was rescued. One day, Brian asked why their three kitties were all females and decided they needed a male, and Brian went to the rescue to find a male to join the clan, which is how Warren joined the family! Today they have six kitties and one dog, and Brian is definitely a “kitty guy”. You can often find him with a kitty in his lap as he has learned the special joy that kitties bring to your life!

Brian is bringing over 20 years of management skills and 12 years in the banking industry to Just For Cats. He is combing his financial skills, his management skills and love for kitties, to help Just for Cats continue to run smoothly and happily to benefit our amazing clients and our awesome kitty care specialists!

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Client Services and Executive Director

Cat Sitting Client Services LindaLinda loves all animals but grew up with dogs as her mother is allergic to cats. Her Dad, who never had a kitty, thought he “didn’t like cats”. When Linda was a little girl she tried to sneak a kitten in, believing she could hide it in her closet but her Mom found it and she had to return it. (Note: Her parents have a kitty now which her father adores and allergy pills allow her Mom to snuggle happily!)

Linda and her husband Brian live in Ohio and have five children. In 2010, Linda’s daughter wanted to volunteer at a cat rescue and because she was too young to do it alone, Linda accompanied her. They fell in love with a kitty, of course and Brian finally gave in and said they would adopt Subra (in the picture with Linda). A few weeks later, it was decided they would adopt Bakka, to keep Subra company. After hearing about an older cat who had to be returned to the rescue, Latte was adopted (also in the picture), and because they couldn’t have an odd number, they rescued Warren next. None of them seems to remember what prompted Gallway’s rescue, but their son had only one request for his birthday, to rescue Drake, who was his 10th birthday present, bringing them to a total of six cats! (Sadly, after a year and a half, they tragically lost Drake, but he left an impression in their lives that will never be forgotten!)

Linda is excited to be working as Client and Membership Services Director here! She will be working with emails, phone calls and with the website. She will have the honor of working with all of the people who, like her, love kitties! She will get to help them get their pet sits set up and talk to them about their kitty needs. She will be a part of watching the website grow and make lots of friends with other kitty lovers, which she is very excited about!

Before coming to work here, Linda worked for 17 years for Richard Simmons, which is how she met Rita. Linda worked as Richard’s customer service manager on his website, working with the people who visited, putting up content and participating in chats. Health and working with people was a passion and she enjoyed the sense of family that was built by a community of people with a common interest. That is exactly what drew her here! She is excited to join with others who love kitties to build a community of friends and family of feline fanatics; to share our ideas, our thoughts, and just our love of those crazy cats who have taken over our hearts!

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting
Founding President and Owner

Just For Cats Pet Sitting CEO and Cat Sitter Rita ReimersRita has always been drawn to animals, cats in particular. And they have always been drawn to her. She possesses a unique ability to communicate with and understand the tender nature of cats. Rita has had a special bond with cats since she was a child, and she shares her home with cats of all ages and temperaments.

Although she started providing cat sitting services professionally in 1998 when she lived in the Carolinas, it wasn’t until Rita relocated to the Los Angeles area that she was able to dedicate herself full time to cat care. Her company, initially named The Kat Lady, quickly began to flourish. It wasn’t long before Rita traded in her power suits and high heels for jeans and sneakers, her corporate office (and 6-figure corporate job) for a home office complete with a cat bed next to her computer and a few feline helpers, and her customer ordered deep blue BMW convertible for a pretty blue Toyota Camry Hybrid. (The Hybrid has now been retired for her dream car – a black Mercedes CLA 250. Yes, hard work pays off!)

Rita has been interviewed for and quoted in Cat Fancy, as well as in the CATS USA ANNUAL, and KITTENS USA. She has also been a contributor to websites such as Pet360,, Vocativ, Mental Floss, and PetSittingOlogy, to name a few. Rita has also been seen on Inside Edition, as their Cat Behaviorist for news stories such as Man Held Captive By Nasty Cat.

Read Rita's Column 'A New Cattitude' in Cat Fancy aka CasterRita Reimers is author of a cat behavior column called “A New Cattitude,” which is featured in every issue of Cat Fancy, now known as Catster Magazine.

In addition, Rita is also contributing Cat Behaviorist for, appearing in Cat Behavior Videos, as well as authoring many articles about cat care. Her cat expertise comes from many years of experience with cats as an owner, rescue volunteer, and cat behaviorist. Rita is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), and is a Professional Member of the Cat Writers Association.

Rita has also been involved with various animal rescue organizations, such as Save-a-Life Cat Rescue, Found Animals, Kitten Rescue, The Stray Cat Alliance, and Actors and Others for Animals. Rita is currently a dedicated volunteer and is on the Board of Directors for The Humane Society of Lancaster SC, of which her mother, Mary Reimers, is founding president. She is also a big fan of Jackson Galaxy, whose wonderful staff often refer cases to her at that don’t make it onto his My Cat From Hell show. Before Jackson was well known, Rita and Jackson met when they took the same class at Slimmons with Rita’s fitness instructor and friend, Richard Simmons.

After living in Beverly Hills for 10 years, Rita returned to Charlotte to be near her family and friends. Having lived in the area for much of her adult life before moving to California, Rita has deep routes in the Charlotte community and she is happy to be living close her friends and family. Her parents and aunt also live in the area, making their home in nearby Lancaster, SC.

In addition to running Just For Cats Pet Sitting and The Cat Analyst, Rita and her staff are working hard to make her long-held dream of starting The Carolina Senior Cat Haven and Sanctuary a reality. More details to follow as they become available!

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Just For Cats Pet Sitting visits kitty cats in the following areas of LA:

Los Angeles Cat Sitting Areas:

Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Century City, Chinatown, Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, Hancock Park, Hermosa Beach, Hollywood, Holmby Hills, Koreatown, Ladera Heights, Larchmont, Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles, Los Feliz, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Mid City, Miracle Mile, Mount Washington, Pacific Palisades, Palms, Picfair, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Rancho Park, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Westchester, Westwood, Venice

San Fernando Valley Cat Sitting Areas:

Burbank, Glendale, Griffith Park, Eagle Rock, Encino, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pasadena, Reseda, Silver Lake, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sun Valley, Toluca Lake, Valley Village, Van Nuys

Los Angeles Cat Sitting Zip Codes:

90001, 90002, 90004, 90005, 90006, 90008, 90010, 90012, 90014, 90015, 90016, 90017, 90018, 90019, 90020, 90021, 90024, 90025, 90026, 90027, 90028, 90029, 90031, 90032, 90034, 90035, 90036, 90038, 90039, 90041, 90042, 90043, 90045, 90046, 90048, 90049, 90056, 90057, 90063, 90064, 90065, 90066, 90067, 90068, 90069, 90071, 90074, 90077, 90086, 90094, 90210, 90211, 90212, 90230, 90232, 90272, 90292, 90293, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 91001, 91003, 91006, 91007, 91101, 91102, 91103, 91104, 91105, 91106, 91107, 91108, 91109, 91110, 91118, 91123, 91124, 91125, 91126, 91129, 91182, 91184, 91185, 91188, 91189, 91199, 91201, 91202, 91203, 91204, 91205, 91206, 91207, 91208, 91209, 91210, 91221, 91222, 91225, 91226, 91316, 91324, 91325, 91326, 91327, 91328, 91329, 91330, 91335, 91343, 91352, 91401, 91403, 91405, 91406, 91411, 91423, 91436, 91505, 91604, 91607, 91754, 91755, 91756, 91775, 91776, 91778, 91780, 91801, 91802, 91803, 91804, 91896, 91899.

If your city and zip code is not listed, please ask! We’re adding new areas all the time.


We visit kitty cats 365 days a year, including all major holidays.

Our office hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday,
7am until 7pm Pacific Time

9am until 5pm Pacific Time

On Sundays, the office is closed, however
we do check messages throughout the day for emergencies.


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