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Review: Week of 4/27/2015 – Cats90210 LA Cat Sitting

by Rita Reimers on May 4, 2015

Week of 4/27/2015 – Cats90210 LA Cat Sitting

by Rita Reimers

Another very busy week in Los Angeles!

Beverly Hills kitty Cocada

Our Los Angeles cat sitters continue to work harder than ever, as we are enjoying seeing lots of our usual suspects in LA.

Some of our favorite client kitties we saw: Greta and Freddie got to meet Kirsten since their usual sitter Christine has been on vacation. Also meeting new sitters with our Christine enjoying a much-earned vacation: Emil got to meet Melanie, Fork and Spoon met Mara, Brownie met Sarah, and Avon and D got to meet Melanie since their sitter Pam had jury duty for a day.

Two of our clients who had moved to the San Fernando Valley called upon us this week, and we were happy to hear from them. Vinny Barbarino meet his new sitter, our valley sitter Jennifer, and Luke and Lily got to meet our valley sitter, Kirsten.

Of course, plenty of our other regulars received visits from their usual favorite sitters: Fatsik, Kiska, Alara, Memphis Slim, Franklin, Tao, Pip, Stella, Pushkin, Boo, Stitch, Scraggles, Bob, Lois, Blueberry, Gus, Occy, Lily, and too many others to name, were all seen and cared for with love by Melanie, Sarah, Mara, Pam, Kirsten, Adam, and Linda.

We also met quite a few new client kitties this week: Artemus, Butters, Mable, Mavis, Miles, Toby, Kiley, Quentin, Sarah, Dina, Sophia, Roxy and Alice to name a few, joined our Cats90210 family this week. Adam also got to met Bertie, who is a new kitty one of our clients adopted after losing her sweet Nelson. One kitty does not replace another, but they certain can help to ease the pain of losing a beloved furry child.

Our cat sitter, Melanie, handled an emergency with one of our client kitties, Pushkin. She had to rush Pushkin to the vet (his daddy was out of the country on business) after she discovered he was acting listless, not eating, and was squatting in the box straining; turns out Pushkin had a urinary blockage and we did the right thing in getting him to the vet. Melanie checked in with Pushkin’s veterinarian daily, and was able to take him back home after a few days. His daddy was very grateful for Melanie’s observance and quick action to save Pushkin’s life.

It’s rare that we have to take a client kitty to the vet, but we do recognize the signs of illness and we communicate anything odd to you quickly, so we can decide on a plan of action together.

We are looking forward to starting a brand new week at Just For Cats Pet Sitting. Our Local Branch, Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting, serves Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, Culver City and parts of the San Fernando Valley (see the full list below), so we just never know who we will end up meeting next.

We hope it will be you πŸ™‚

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Safy July 17, 2015 at 3:12 pm

I have 2 cats and three dogs. One night, I ran out of cat food (the dry type) and my cats were hungry. So since I had dog food only and the shops were cloesd, I gave them dog kibbles. They’re more or less of the same shape and size and are made of the same ingredients chicken. My cats took a nibble and refused the rest of the bowl, preferring to go hungry than eat dog food. The next day, i got them a fresh pack of made-for-cats kibbles and they immediately dived in and ate up. How come my cats knew what I gave them wasn’t cat food? I also know of dogs that won’t eat cat food for the long run (not mine though, cos they’re pigs and will eat anything). It would be good if a pet food manufacturer can answer this question. Is there some special ingredient you put in cat and dog food that makes cats and dogs know which kibbles is who’s? Also, nowadays, dogs are eating fish too like salmon. You can’t say it’s the ingredient. How come they know the difference?


Rita Reimers July 18, 2015 at 2:25 am

Hi Safy,

Cats have a very keen sense of smell, so it is likely they just did not like the smell of the dog food. Cats will starve rather than eat something they find stinky and unappealing πŸ™‚



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